During our initial conversation about the style of their shoot, we had talked about several different location options.  After mulling over the decision for a couple days, Brittany emailed and said “what do you think about doing our session in our home?”  I loved the idea- and she promised they had great lighting.  I was game.  Good lighting is all I ask.   I was actually excited to try something a little different.

Besides being a gorgeous couple, they have an amazing home that they have decorated together.  It was a perfect home for a family photo session.  Brittany is the designer and the visionary.  Andrew is the one who installs and makes all of her ideas “work” .  They both have fantastic taste.  I left with total house envy.  They are as cool, laid back, and adorable in person as they appear in this photo shoot.

This is the story of a Sunday morning with the Baird Family:


Things never start on time when you have a 3 year old.  So, I was able to get some shots of  mommy curling her hair.  Notice the colored pencils and paper that keep her occupied while mom is working.  There is art everywhere in their home.  Creativity oozes out of this house.




We started the shoot in Noe’s bedroom.  She was very excited to tell me about her treasure box and the source of all her treasures.


Behold.  The Treasure Box:




A quick selection was made from the bedroom bookshelf and we headed for the living room .  Dad and Noe snuggled up on the couch and read their shared favorite book.  A vintage copy of Jeremy Mouse.












We moved into the front room for some more active family shots.  I loved this room.  Its has the vibe where you could hang out here all day.  Maybe even into the night…


















Just a few more details of the house… the house may someday gets its own blog post.   I loved hearing where they found all of the pieces and how they repurposed them.  I think they could host a program on HGTV- without question.


Seriously cool, right?  Why doesn’t everyone have a 7 fool ruler on their kitchen wall?


What else is there to do on a late Sunday morning?  Bake cookies.  Duh.




They have a park in front of their house- literally across the street.  We grabbed a blanket and walked out the front door to get a little change of scenery.



Thank you Baird Family for letting me capture your very first family photo shoot.  You guys were “Champions”.    {nevermind.  inside joke}