I was nervous going into this one. I haven’t shot a wedding since the beginning of March and although I have hundreds of weddings under my belt- it brought back that nervousness that I used to feel when I was a new photographer. Funny thing- it comes back just like riding a bike. I forgot how much I actually missed shooting weddings. I had an ear to ear grin under my mask during so many moments of this day. The wedding was stunning. The details in everything from the shoes to the table place settings look like they are straight from the pages of top wedding magazines. It was breathtakingly beautiful.  Here is a preview of the day:  Enjoy! Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding1.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding3.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding2.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding4.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding5.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding12.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding6.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding7.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding8.jpg 2020-12-22_0025.jpgOmni Montelucia Winter Wedding13.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding14.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding16.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding15.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding18.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding17.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding10.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding9.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding11.jpgOmni Montelucia Winter Wedding24.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding19.jpgOmni Montelucia Winter Wedding20.jpg Omni Montelucia Winter Wedding21.jpgOmni Montelucia Winter Wedding22.jpg 2020-12-22_0027.jpg2020-12-22_0028.jpgOmni Montelucia Winter Wedding23.jpg 2020-12-22_0026.jpg2020-12-22_0045.jpg 2020-12-22_0031.jpg 2020-12-22_0032.jpg 2020-12-22_0033.jpg2020-12-22_0034.jpg2020-12-22_0035.jpg 2020-12-22_0039.jpg 2020-12-22_0041.jpg 2020-12-22_0038.jpg 2020-12-22_0037.jpg 2020-12-22_0036.jpg2020-12-22_0042.jpg 2020-12-22_0040.jpg 2020-12-22_0043.jpg 2020-12-22_0044.jpg 2020-12-22_0072.jpg 2020-12-22_0067.jpg 2020-12-22_0069.jpg 2020-12-22_0071.jpg 2020-12-22_0081.jpg 2020-12-22_0068.jpg 2020-12-22_0070.jpg 2020-12-22_0073.jpg 2020-12-22_0080.jpg 2020-12-22_0076.jpg 2020-12-22_0074.jpg 2020-12-22_0075.jpg 2020-12-22_0077.jpg 2020-12-22_0082.jpg 2020-12-22_0083.jpg 2020-12-22_0092.jpg 2020-12-22_0091.jpg 2020-12-22_0085.jpg 2020-12-22_0086.jpg 2020-12-22_0087.jpg 2020-12-22_0088.jpg 2020-12-22_0090.jpg 2020-12-22_0093.jpg 2020-12-22_0078.jpg 2020-12-22_0079.jpg 2020-12-22_0094.jpg 2020-12-22_0095.jpg 2020-12-22_0096.jpg Event Planning and Design: IMONI EVENTS Venue: OMNI MONTEULUCIA Florist: LUX Videography: GOOD VIBE MEDIA Entertainment: NEON BAND Hair: ASHLEY PETTY HAIR Makeup: THE LILLIE ROSE Rentals: BRIGHT EVENT RENTALS & PRIM RENTALS Lighting and Draping: DIVINITY LIGHTING Cake:  A BAKESHOP Invitations: CELEBRATIONS IN PAPER