We spent the afternoon at a super-cute birthday party for two neighborhood girls.  They have birthdays around the same time, so their mom opted to combine the two parties.  They each got their own cake.  Smart Mom 🙂

Carly turns 3!  She gets 3 scoops of Ice Cream Cake!










Some of the photos in the detail shots are duplicates from above.  But, they are so cute- they warrant repeating 🙂 Those individual ice cream cones are actually cupcakes.  Yes, Cupcakes!  Look Close.  Amazing!!


After cake and ice cream, the kids went outside.  Why?  For more CANDY!!  An ice cream shaped pinata.  Of Course.

After all the small kids had a shot, we brought in the “Big Guns”.  Julian to the rescue. Show those little ones how its done.


Happy Happy Birthday Carly.


A one-year-old can only handle so much fun .  After an afternoon like this- the only thing left to do is nap.   She partied till she could party no more…