Not my actual house.  With the new year, the Website and Blog are all getting a new updated look (see the new logo above).   The new Website will launch sometime next week- stay tuned!   This process forces me to update all my photos and portfolio.  Sometimes I get so busy throughout the year I  forget to update my work.   What this really means is I am up all hours of the night with the glow of my  MAC shining on my face.   It’s a daunting task, but then you run across photos like these that you forgot about…and then the process becomes even longer.  Oh well, its only sleep.

These photos were never meant to be blogged.  They were just photos I was taking on my vacation with a friend.  Kelly and her husband Brian had their first baby in Chicago 2 years ago.  I flew out to visit and brought my camera along.  I took pictures all weekend- just casual photos of them in their downtown loft  enjoying the new little arrival.  Being parents for the first time.  Everything is new- and fun!  Fast forward two years and now Kelly is due to have her second baby girl next month.  These pictures are proof of how fast the time really goes… and I just had to blog them this time!

I am in love with these bath photos.  So much so that I am photographing the next bath here at my house.  Sometimes I forget to photograph my own kids- kind of a “shoemaker without shoes”.  I made dozens of Christmas cards for so many clients this year- but never got our family photos taken and cards printed.  So, watch out for that super-cute photo Valentine’s Day card in the mail!