My sister flew to AZ for a quick weekend trip and we managed to squeeze in a very quick maternity photo session.   She is due next month , although she looks like she is 5 months pregnant!  She is having a little girl and although she has decided on a name, she is keeping it tightly under wraps.  (psst…. I know what it is!) We did several  “quick” sessions throughout the weekend.  This first photo series was very impromptu-  we were going through some old baby clothes of mine and the lighting was really nice in the room so I snapped couple casual shots of her, Miles and baby bump.  We didn’t even get Miles dressed for the shoot- and the fact that they are so casual is exactly what I love about them.

We also did a mini Boudoir session, which is something that I have wanted to do for quite awhile.  Thankfully, she was “game” and willing to try out a few shots.  I loved how they turned out, but most can’t be posted here…  just a sneak peak.

Amy is a huge yoga fan.  Huge.  She loves Bikram yoga.  Thats the yoga where you twist your body in all sorts of crazy poses and the room is heated to something like 110 degrees. She has always wanted to have some maternity photos taken while doing yoga poses. She wanted them with Miles, but we never got around to taking them.   We took these  the morning before she left, just a few hours before her flight home.  She finally got her yoga maternity photos!  Here are just a few: