So, today was the day for Christmas Card photos.  MY Christmas card photos.  Grace got all dressed up in her velvet red dress, perfect white tights and silver ballet flats.  She was pretty excited.  There was lots of dancing and singing in front of the bathroom mirror before we left.  We ate lunch first, which is a huge mistake.  Who gives their kid finger food and takes a chance on the outfit being ruined? Me.  Because I am not putting up with a cranky kid who is hungry trying to get the perfect Holiday photo.  We ate outside which means there was a lot of running around.  Running, sliding and rolling on the grass.  Sliding like she  is coming in for a home-run on the grass.  Let’s just say our Christmas card photo will be complete with dark green grass stains on the knees of those perfect white tights.  It’s green and red so… we’re going with it.  That’s Grace right now and she is not a girly girl. Until it comes to pink sparkle cupcakes.  I do sometimes resort to coaxing with sugary treats, but I have also been know to reward with them.  Especially when I think it could make some pretty cute photos- and she is willing to share with Mommy.