So, you have read my previous post on  THE DIGITAL DILEMMA  and you have chosen your digital files.  Not to worry.  There are some options to make your digital files beautiful.  In addition to a custom coffee table album, you will also have the option to purchase a wooden display box.  A few points to make on the display box… it is just that… a DISPLAY box.  So your photos won’t be lost on your computer hard drive.  They can proudly be displayed in your home.   It comes filled with 10 of your favorite wedding images so you can proudly show off your wedding to visitors without an electrical outlet.  Of course,  more images can be added.  Each image is mounted, which provides an extra sturdy back that is perfect for preserving the value of your print over time.   Cleverly hidden under your beautiful prints is a “hidden compartment” that is the home of your fancy new custom USB drive containing all of  your wedding images.  Snazzy, I know.  

Now, when your computer hard drive fails  or you drop your laptop… you don’t have to panic.  Your wedding images are safe and sound…and you know where to find them.

display box-021_WEB

display box-007_WEBdisplay box-008_WEB

display box-009_WEB

display box-020_WEB

display box-010_WEBdisplay box-003_WEBdisplay box-005_WEB