My husband and I have known Brenda and Dave (top and center in photo below) for several years now.  We met through a neighborhood Euchre Club.  Euchre?  How do you even say that and what the heck is Euchre??  Euchre (pron.: yoo-ker) is a Midwest card game that is taken pretty seriously in “suburban” Gilbert.  If you know the right people.  Apparently, we do.

I have photographed their family in the past couple years.  It was fun to once again document their gorgeous family .  They had all of their extended family in town, which called mandatory for a photo-session!  Here are a few of my favorites:











Love this photo of the two brothers and their dad.  Little Quinn(on the right) just finished a year long battle with cancer.  52 weeks of chemotherapy.  FIFTY TWO WEEKS.    Unimaginable to most of us… and just look at that little boys smile.   That is a real life super- hero if I have ever seen one.  He has been off chemo for a year now…and  cancer free!  GO QUINN!!