4 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Congrats, you’re engaged! This is such an exciting time of your life, but can easily become
overwhelming. The first order of business – choosing your bridesmaids (and bridesmaid gift) so you can start utilizing
them to help with the planning. Right now, bridesmaids proposals are very popular and a unique way ask that special friend to be part of your big day.  It’s necessary
to give your girls something they can’t wait to snap to their Instagram, and, of course, something
they can’t say no to!  Here are a few bridemaid gift ideas to get the ball rolling for your wedding festivities.

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The Classic Bridesmaids Gift

Your bridesmaids will consist of your closest friends and most trusted family members. Give
your girls something classic and useful so you know it will be appreciated by all of them. Things
like jewelry and a hanger for their bridesmaids dress is perfect because it will be used on your
wedding day.

Hangers add a neat touch to the photos of all of your dresses hanging side-by-side on your
wedding day. These hangers are great because you can completely customize them. You can
put their name and ‘bridesmaid’ or ‘maid of honor’ on it. Or you can even pop the question right
on the hanger! When you all see “Will you be in my wedding?” on your big day, you will be
reminded of the fun memories you’ve had together throughout the planning process. It’s such a
sweet touch. Finally, if you know the color scheme of your wedding, you can add a coordinating
ribbon on it as well!

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Jewelry will always be a timeless and safe gift to give your bridesmaids. You will be giving your
girls the gift of not having to stress over the perfect accessories to buy for your wedding. The
local eclectic offers all types of jewelry at a variety of price points. The style is unique, yet ultra
girly!  Kendra Scott also has a great selection of trendy jewelry prefect for bridesmaids. Give your girls earrings, a necklace or rings to rock with their dresses for your wedding.

Bridesmaids Jewelry Gift Ideas



Destination Wedding Gift

If you’re having a destination wedding, then give your bridesmaids some accessories to get
them excited about this vacation! Pop the question to your girls with some slides or sunnies that
you know will be well-loved for a tropical getaway.

Warby Parker is always a go-to for quality sunglasses and eyeglasses. Now, they offer a bulk
ordering option so you can snag everyone in the wedding party’s necessary accessory for the
week away. They have an array of sunglasses to choose from. However, if you would rather
allow your peeps to choose what they want, a gift card is a safe way to please. They will be able
to pick our their own sunnies or cute new glasses to rock while reading on the beach! This bridesmaid gift is sure to be a winner!

To match with the vacation theme, get your girls sandals to slide on as soon as you touch down
to your wedding destination. Slides like these are casual, but can easily be dressed up because
of the neutral color and embellishments. Plus, destination weddings tend to be casual or on the beach. If that’s your plan, then these will be perfect for your bridesmaids to explore the resort
in and wear during your ceremony


Let’s Get This Party Started Gift!

Being a Bridesmaids ensures that you and your friends will be brought together multiple times in a year to celebrate with you! If your group is
comprised of fun-loving ladies then get the party started as soon as you ask them to be in your

Bridesmaids Gifts of monogrammed champagne flutes
Monogrammed champagne glasses or tumblers are perfect to help your bridesmaids stay hydrated throughout your
wedding day and even your bachelorette party. Whether they choose to fill this with water or
wine is their choice. Everyone will have their own tumbler in their favorite color, featuring their
initials, so no one will accidentally take a sip from someone else’s. Pair this gift with a mini
champagne bottle to literally pop the question! This can be easily found at your local liquor
store. That’s a  sure-fire way to get everyone excited for all of your wedding celebrations

Matching Bridesmaid Robes? Matching Bikinis?  Or Both!

Have yourself a group of friends that have a sense of humor and love to be the life of the party?  Surprising them with matching a Bridesmaid gift of bikini tee shirts is a guaranteed way to get the celebrations off to a fun and playful start!  Pick out a bikini that suits each girls personality.  Celebrate your engagement, celebrate your friendships, and most importantly have fun!

Matching Bikini Tee Shirts for Bridesmaids Gifts


Bridesmaids in Bikini t-shirts