Meet Taylor, a beautiful Senior from Higley  High School with an infectious smile.   I was excited to try out this new location for  her senior session.  I have driven by this place a few times and have always thought to myself  “that it would  be a great place to shoot”.    I do that a lot.  I am always scouting new places.

I have to admit- I was a little nervous walking through all this high brush.  I kept thinking I was going to hear a rattlesnake, or worse, feel a horrific bite from some creature I couldn’t see.  I don’t like snakes, or creatures.  But, I  will do almost anything for a good photo. Turns out, the only thing I had to fear was ladybugs.




Lady bugs were everywhere…







A special photo request from Taylor.  You guessed it…she is also a soccer player.





Thank you Taylor!  Had a great time with you and your mom on this photo session!  Best if luck at ASU next year!