I am SO excited to announce that I have opened a Storefront with Tiny Prints.   This is exciting stuff.  It means that YOU will have endless design opportunities to use photos from your session!  It means I can take on more photo sessions because I won’t be at the computer designing cards.  I might actually have time to bake Christmas Cookies this year.

How does it work?  Glad you asked…





  • You click on the photo link above to access my storefront (this makes sure that I get credit for referring you as a customer!)
  • You pick your favorite Tiny Prints design and choose your photo(s) from your session with me.
  • I then upload your  selected photographs into my Storefront and a unique key will be assigned to each photo.   You will be emailed  the key(s) for your photos  which you will use when you get to the “add a photo” stage of the card creation process.
  • There will be a small text on the back that says “GRETCHEN WAKEMAN PHOTOGRAPHY”.  The text is small , can be seen in the preview, and it is also moveable.

Its that Simple.  Now think of all the extra time you will have to address envelopes.  You’re Welcome.