Matt and Julia were married at “The Barn” in Power Ranch on a picture-perfect spring day in Arizona .  After months of planning, the wedding day finally arrived!  I met up with the Bridal Party at their hotel for a few photos of them getting ready.  There was lots of hair and makeup, docked iphones playing music, and starbucks coffee.  She was surrounded by her closest girlfriends and I could tell this was going to be a fun day by the energy in the room.




Matt sent  flowers along with a hand written note early in the morning for his bride-to-be.




A quick shot of the groom getting ready moments before he saw his Bride for the first time.

I love when Bride and Groom choose to do a “First Look” before the ceremony.


After the first look, the Bridal Party joined  us for a few photos along with immediate family.




One of many detail shots from the day:



A very candid shot of the men praying just minutes before the ceremony began.













The Bride is a second grade elementary teacher.  She asked her classroom to write letters to Matt about the “keys to living happily ever after”.  Their letter and drawings were compiled into a book and displayed on the guestbook table.  You couldn’t help but smile while flipping though it.  Amazingly, their pictures and words brilliantly explain it.   It’s very simple, really.

Kiss the Bride.  Hold hands.  Chase rainbows.  Share.  And my personal favorite… “make babies”.


The reception started off with the First Dance.

After the sunset,  I asked the Bride and Groom to do a little walk around the lake to get a few night shots.

Love this shot  with the reception in the background.

Julia and Matt you are perfect together.  I wish you  both endless happiness!

Want to see more from this wedding?  Click this link to check out a preview of their album SLIDESHOW!  Grab a tissue.  *** you must have Quicktime installed on your computer  to view -NOT Windows Media Player***.