Our baby Piper turns one TODAY!  Its hard to believe as I am typing this Blog post, a year ago at this same time, I was calling my husband home from work to go to the hospital.  We had a party this past weekend to celebrate with friends and family. I didn’t do much decorating of the house, but I did put together a candy bar for all the kids.  I know my husband thought I was nuts when he walked in a few weeks ago to me hand painting strips on a white canvas shower curtain.  I had a vision.  Never stop a women with a vision.








Piper was dying to have one of these cake pops.  She doesn’t talk yet, but she can communicate EXACTLY what she wants by pointing, grunting, and screaming.  Finally, I gave in.




She wanted absolutely nothing to do with her cake.  The only part of the candy table that interested her were the Oreo cake pops.   My mom painstakingly decorated this beautiful cake.  I had big hopes of getting some great photos of her diving into her cake.  Orange frosting everywhere  and a big 4 toothed smile behind a messy face.   Not a chance.  She wouldn’t even touch it.


We have the best Big Sister in the world.  And now I have the photo to prove it.


Happy to be “free” from the highchair and the cake!


Grace and her best friend Ella.


In an attempt to get a group photo, I told the kids if they would line up for a picture they could be the first ones through the candy bar line.  Worked like a charm.  Except for my kids.  We will just call this the “party guest” photo.


After the candy table excitement wore off- Grace announced to the party that there was going to be a “craft table”.  I had prepared no such table.  She dug out all her  pens, paper, crayons and coloring books and started a craft station.  We just might have a party planner in the making…


Pipers favorite new toy from Nana- her very own pink car!


As a “favor” we passed out Chinese lanterns to the party guests.  We told everyone to light their lanters at 8:00pm from their backyards.  We all live within a 5 mile radius- so we were hoping to see everyones lanterns in the sky at once.  It was beautiful!  The kids loved it!!   However, the fire department did not.  There was  friendly knock on the door around 8:30 along with a very large firetruck in front of our house.  Lesson learned.  No more lanterns- but aren’t the photos beautiful!!




Thanks to our neighbor for snapping a photo with my camera of me!