She was meeting a girlfriend after work in downtown San Francisco.  While she waited at the bar for her friend to arrive, she noticed him.  He was next to her chatting away with the bartender.   While waiting, she kept herself busy, but couldn’t help a little eavesdropping due to his Australian accent.  It has that effect.  To her surprise, he asked her a few questions mid-conversation and included her in their discussion. Having come straight from the office, her high heels and stylish outfit were a bit dressed up for this particular bar. His first question was “You don’t look like you’re from around here”.  To which she replied, “ You don’t sound like you’re from around here”. The conversation progressed and as she was leaving he asked for her number.  She gave him her business card.  The catch… it was her old business card, with incorrect information except for name.  To which she replied with a flirtatious smile “you can find me…”   Weeks went by and she began second guessing her business card move. WHY hadn’t just given him her number?   It took a full month, but he finally tracked her down via social media.  Turns out there are actually quite a few people with her same name. The phone rang.   She was ecstatic.  The love story began.


Wedding day preparations began at Temecula Creek Inn.  It was a beautiful July day and the weather allowed for her makeup to be done outside on the patio.

PSALTI-001_WEB.jpg PSALTI-003_WEB.jpg PSALTI-005_WEB.jpg PSALTI-006_WEB.jpg PSALTI-007_WEB.jpg

Arriving at Mount Palomar Winery, she headed straight to the Bridal Room where her wedding gown was perfectly hung and waiting.PSALTI-991_WEB

Her mother helped with the final gown details and jewelry

PSALTI-015_WEB.jpg PSALTI-014_WEB.jpgPSALTI-016_WEB.jpg

The maid of honor watched as she made her final adjustments before walking down the aisle.


A surprise gift of diamond earrings from the thoughtful Groom.


The wedding was packed full of charming details.

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The backdrop for the ceremony was gorgeous!


The grounds at the winery provided lots of photo opportunities.

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