This afternoon Piper and I had the house all to ourselves.  It was a bit of foreshadowing- Grace starts Kindergarden in just a couple weeks and we are going to have lots of afternoons all to ourselves.  I decided to take Pipey  (her endearing nickname given to her by cousin Reagan) out for a couple snapshots.  We are just two days shy of her being 11 months.  Monthly birthdays always mark a good time for a photo update!

I am normally not a fan of Photoshop actions.  I tend to like photos crisp, clean, and true- to- life color.    However, I thought the photo below did call for a little bit of a vintage feel.   I tried for 4 or 5 minutes to get this little rascal to look at the camera.  Nothing.  She wouldn’t so much as glance up at me.  Little Stinker.

That is, until I called it quits and we walked inside.   I sat her down to close the patio door , still had my camera in my hand, and she looked right into the lens.  Gotcha.  Maybe she just didn’t like me trying to take her picture in 110 degree heat.  I get it.