I have known Kelly since high school.  Even after all these years, and many miles apart- we seem to stay in contact several times a week.  Our lives have changed quite bit over the past few years.  We have both married and are now both mom’s to little  girls. Kelly travels quite a bit for work and often has to come to Phoenix.  This trip, she came a couple days early and brought along her husband and daughter.  I met up with her at their hotel in Scottsdale and did a mini- family photo session. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love a classic B & W profile- look at those eyes!

We tried to get a few shot of Eleanor and her bunny, Penny.  Normally, its quite hard to get the bunny away from her.   But, as soon as I started taking photos, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the bunny.  She actually threw the bunny in the opposite direction.

This photo below is my favorite from the session.  My daughter has a “bunny” that she has carried since she was a baby.  I know first hand the bond a girl and her bunny can have.  I think thats why I like this photo so much.