Let me start by saying that I believe that a good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold.  There is no replacement for someone who will plan and execute your vision with extraordinary detail.  However,  some everyday wedding tasks and organization can be done right at your fingertips.  Our cell phones have become commonplace in our everyday lives. When planning your wedding, you may find it stressful to stay organized. Utilizing your smartphone can help you stay sane and your wedding stay amazing. These are some of my favorite wedding planning apps to use when planning begins (and some in daily life).

Google Calendar

Google Calendar may not be the first wedding planning app that you think of. However, utilizing Google Calendar to help plan your wedding can keep you and whoever else needed on a timed schedule, as well as remind them of specific things. Google Calendar sends notifications and you can link with other people via their Gmail account or by downloading the app.

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WeddingHappy-Wedding Planner

WeddingHappy isn’t a particularly well-known company, however, their app is being raved about by brides in the Apple App Store. With this great wedding planner app, you’ll get notifications, the ability to add task deadlines, a spending summary, as well as other great features. This is being raved about in reviews as ‘Ideal for DIYers on a budget’ and ‘A BRIDE’S LIFESAVER!’ just as two of the surplus amount of reviews.

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Goodbudget Budget Planner

If you have a little bit of trouble keeping track of a budget, this budget planer is one of the many great wedding planning apps to use. Goodbudget even describes itself as ‘perfect for sharing with a spouse, family member, or friend’. This app gives you the ability to sync devices, including iPhones and even the web. Your data to this app is automatically and securely backed up to Goodbudget’s website. You can even download a CSV of your transactions. You can even check envelope balances and it has expense tracking optimized for speed. In addition to the envelope balances, you can track your bank balances along with it.

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Possibly one of the most popular wedding inspiration apps is Pinterest. Pinterest gives you the freedom to search through ideas and create vision boards. It’s very user-friendly and a great social media to utilize to your advantage, overall. Pinterest is great for DIY brides or brides looking to customize everything about their wedding and truly make it a unique experience. Pinterest has wedding game ideas to wedding gown ideas. It’s truly a great app to draw some inspiration from and see how certain things look in action.

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Photo Collage

If Pinterest isn’t your thing, or you’re interested in creating custom vision boards as things pull together, the Photo Collage app is great. When you stitch photos together, you can get an overall idea of the bigger picture along with your significant other. Custom making photo collages can help fit the pieces of a puzzle together while still gathering ideas and making finishing touches.

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Motivation Quotes

Motivation Quotes is a great app to use while planning a wedding. You may start to realize you’re under a lot of stress and pressure to make this truly magical. However, a simple motivational quote on your phone every day can truly help you not only gather motivation but, the inspiration to pull together your dream wedding.

These are some great apps that will assist you in planning your wedding, all from your smartphone. All these apps have a different and unique purpose to assist your wedding and you.

Whether expense tracking, time management, or finding inspiration and motivation be your weakness- these apps will help you stay organized with wedding planning!