The Sneeds are our next door neighbors.  They have a son that is 9 months older than Grace, so over the past couple years we  have had more in common than a property line.  We know the Sneeds well.  We have had lots of cocktails, dinners, parties and laughs with them since we moved in to the neighborhood 3 years ago.  Jason’s mother was in town visiting from Ohio over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We met up at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek for a family photo session for their Christmas cards.  Their youngest son Cameron is the spitting image of Cooper at his age!  It’s like looking back in time.  You are sure to see lots of pictures on my blog of these two handsome boys as they grow…they are some of my favorite kids to photograph. Here are a few from the photo session:

Sneed Family Blog-1Sneed Family Blog-2

Sneed Family Blog-3Sneed Family Blog-4Sneed Family Blog-5Sneed Family Blog-7Sneed Family Blog-6Sneed Family Blog-8Sneed Family Blog-12Sneed Family Blog-9Sneed Family Blog-10Sneed Family Blog-11

Sneed Family Blog-13Sneed Family Blog-14Sneed Family Blog-15Sneed Family Blog-16

Sneed Family Blog-17

Sneed Family Blog-18