I am a little behind on blogging- lots of photo session these past few weeks!  A couple weekends ago we took Grace to Sea World and stayed a couple nights in CA with Charlie & Kristy.  During our visit I did a mini photo session with all the girls.  Its a lot of work trying to get three toddlers dressed, happy, and camera ready!  In an effort to make the task a bit easier, I decided to take the photos on the curb in front of Charlie & Kristy’s house.  Lighting was good- it was “go” time.  It only took about 15 minutes, but Kristy and I got them to cooperate.  Ryen was the star- she is a natural in front of the camera.  Reagan is the Diva- she had to have several breaks to re-apply lip gloss.  You read that right, she insisted.  Grace was the grumpy one on this session.  You can’t blame her really- I follow her around constantly with a camera.  We did our usual “if you are good and smile for the camera- we have pink CUPCAKES”.  It worked.