Its holiday portrait time again.  My most frequently asked question…“What should I wear”?     I scoured the internet for inspiration for this BlogPost – and stumbled upon this GEM…I couldn’t have sad it better myself.

You are what you wear.

A little cliché?  Perhaps.  But when it comes to portrait photography, I believe firmly that clothing plays a huge role in the success of the finished product.

Before I go all Stacy and Clinton on you – let’s be clear what your clothing does NOT need to be:

  1. Brand New : I’m down with your favorite ripped jeans, retro band T’s, and worn converse – as long as you know how to rock them in your own fabulous style.
  2. Fancy-Schmancy and Uber-Expensive:  Unless it’s your thing (If it’s really your thing, then by all means baby, bring on the bling).   If you’re not normally a dress-up kind of person, don’t feel like you have to be one for your session.
  3. Matching : No need to focus on matching everything from the color of your fuchsia headbands to the stripes in your socks.  In fact, I beg of you, please, please don’t.  If you’re heart is set on everyone in white button downs and khaki pants, I’m probably not your girl.

I want you to be happy, thrilled, over the moon about your images, and I know that this is much more likely if we take the time and work together to help you choose clothing that fits these FEW SIMPLE RULES:

Feels Good:  During your shoot you could be sitting in the grass, walking through weeds, or throwing your kiddos in the air.  Wear clothing that lets you do all that (and more) comfortably.  As for the kids?  Well…uncomfortable kids have a tendency to look…uncomfortable, and are often cranky to boot. Happy kids make for happy pictures.  Don’t choose outfits that make any of you feel constrained, stiff, itchy, scratchy, like you’re dressed up for Halloween, or that leave you with a nagging worry that a button might pop if you bend the wrong way. Trust me.

Looks Good:  This can be tricky, looking good is totally subjective – right? If you’re not a fashionista in real life,  this is the time to pull in some extra help from a straight-talking friend who knows about such things.  Sometimes last year’s of-the-moment dress has already become hopelessly untrendy. Sometimes the current fashions just don’t look or feel like you. Sometimes outfits that look good in the mirror might not be ideally suited for photography.  If you don’t feel fabulous in your outfit, you’re not going to love, love, love the end result – and I’m all about you love, love, loving the end result.

Makes Sense:  It’s not just enough that everyone look good and feel good – you’ve gotta look and feel good together AND the outfits should fit with your location and the desired mood for your portraits.  If you’re still not certain, and you can’t decide between the yellow wrap dress with your red heels or your dark skinny jeans and purple  belted shirt – I’ve got good news.  You don’t have to decide.   Bring lots of options.  Heck – throw your whole wardrobe into the back of the car.  When we get to the session we’ll wing it all with fabulous results.  Trust me.

Now take a deep breath.  Close your eyes.  Imagine how fabulous you’re all going to look in those pictures….

Can you see it yet?  I totally can.  OMG, you look INCREDIBLE!

I can’t wait for your session.